This for That Visual Schedules 2

Create Visual Schedules Easily with New This for That App

We are very happy to announce the release of our new app, This for That: Visual Schedules. The app is designed for behavioral therapists, teachers and parents who are working on adaptive and task completion skills with children on the autism spectrum.

Visual schedules are great assistive tools for children with autism spectrum disorder or any children who need help completing routines independently. They work by breaking down tasks (like tying shoes or making a PB&J sandwich) into simple steps and using visual cues to help the child along the way. The problem is visual schedules are constructed from paper and creating them requires a lot of materials, organization and time – valuable time that could otherwise be spent working directly with the child.

We know how precious time is to individuals working with children on the spectrum. With This for That: Visual Schedules, you can quickly create your own custom schedules and access your library of schedules on your phone or tablet. You create unique steps with pictures taken on your camera or selected from your photo gallery. This for That: Visual Schedules is unique because it incorporates reinforcement to motivate the child to complete the task. You can include a picture of the reward the child is working toward and the child can see his or her progress as each step is marked complete.

Visual Schedule Screen Shots

The Visual Schedules app is the first of a series of This for That therapy tools we are developing to simplify elements of therapy and give therapists, teachers, and parents more time to focus on what’s most important – the child!

This for That: Visual Schedules is available now on Google Play and waiting for review for the App Store. Check back in with us soon to learn more about our next This for That therapy tool.